Field DiagramS

Fields 1-7:                   Hospital Point               GPS:  Forrest Sherman Field, Naval Academy Annapolis 21402

Fields 8-10:                 Dewey Fields                GPS:  Dewey Field, Holloway Rd, Annapolis 21402

Fields 11-15:               Farragut Field               GPS:  Farragut Field, 566 Brownson Rd, Annapolis 21402

Fields 16 & 17:            Rip Miller Turf               GPS:  Rip Miller Field, 566 Brownson Rd, Annapolis 21402

Field 18:                      Halsey Field House      GPS:  Halsey Field House, 52 King George St, Annapolis 21402

Fields 19 & 20:            Navy-Marine Corps Stadium     GPS:  550 Taylor Ave, Annapolis 21401

Jack Stephens Field:                                        GPS:  675 Decatur Rd, Annapolis, MD 21402




The Naval Academy is constructing a new Cyber Studies Building along McNair Rd which runs along the water by the footbridge.  The construction closes McNair Rd. If you are driving from Fields #8-18 to Fields #1-7, it will require you to either (a) drive around the construction through campus or (b) exit out GATE 1 and re-enter through GATE 8.  



Take Turner Joy Rd (this road runs along Fields 11-17 on the seaward side). 

This turns into King George St.

Take a Right on Cooper Rd. (turn immediately before exiting Gate 1)

Take first Left on Porter Rd.

At stop sign take a Right on Buchanan Rd.

Follow Buchanan to a Left on Blake Rd (this is the road in front of the large Chapel)

At the stop sign, take a Right on Maryland Ave

Take an immediate left on Decatur Rd.

Take Decatur over the bridge to your next right on Ramsay Rd. to access Hospital Point Fields

Annapolis Running classic (sat only):


There will be a town-wide race that will temporarily close roads surrounding the academy. Please view the Annapolis Classic website for more information, but a few important notes below:

  • Gate 1 on campus will be impacted after 7:15am until 8:30am (or until the last runner has cleared the area, whichever comes first)

  • Gate 8 on campus will remain open with metered/one-lane access to/from the Naval Academy Bridge/approaching campus via Route 450

  • Taylor Road (near Navy-Marine Corps Stadium) from Rowe Blvd to Annapolis-Baltimore Blvd will be closed until 10:30am

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